About Us

Derivexperts is a Financial advisor that helps financial institutions to obtain the most accurate information to value their financial derivatives portfolios. we deliver reliable and unbiased valuations based on auditable and transparent methodologies.

Holding a unique position in the market, DeriveXperts is recognised by its clients as an indispensable resource for financial instruments valuations. Designed to fulfil core regulatory requirements, our services help our clients to comply with regulations such as EMIR, AIFM
and IFRS13.

Our Values


With focus only on valuations, we have the knowledge and the skills to deliver the best solutions for our clients.


A team of tech people that are able
to design cutting-edge solutions.


Adapt to market changes and provide quick solutions to new requests.


Our prestigious clients acknowledged the consistency of our valuations. We exceed their expectations by placing their needs first.

Our Commitments

As a specialist and independent provider with a unique and competitive edge in the market, 
our focus is to deliver unbiased valuations on financial derivatives portfolios.

  • We deliver what we commit to deliver

  • We treat each client as unique

  • We offer a competitive fee structure