Management Team

Francis Cornut

Francis is the founder and CEO of DeriveXperts. With 15 years of experience as a trader in Paris and London, Francis identified the need in the industry for a new type of service. In 2003 he took the plunge and created DeriveXperts. He was eager to create a valuation system that will help institutional players.

Being the CEO of one of the main financial instruments valuation providers in Europe, Francis actively participated to implement best practice guidelines for the industry. He created the APVIF (French association for financial instruments valuation professionals) in 2011 and was involved in the work of IVSC (International Valuation Standards Council) to set up standards for the industry.

Francis graduated from ENSIMAG with a Master’s degree in mathematics for financial and economic decisions.

With a passion for sport and nature, Francis likes taking part to trail races and cycling in the mountains.

David Baranes

David joined DeriveXperts in 2010 as Head of Market data. He then rapidly developed within the emerging business and was appointed Head of Sales and Client Relations. In 2013 he moved to London and took part in opening and establishing the team of DeriveXperts London office.

David has an Engineering degree and a Masters degree in Finance from ESSEC Business School.

Outside of work David is a keen triathlete. He represented DeriveXperts in various sport competitions and drove the Client Relations team to winning several times internal sports challenges.

Florian Cavellini

Florian joined DeriveXperts in 2012 as Head of IT and with the development of the business he became Head of Operations in 2016.

Holding a Masters degree from ENSIMAG in mathematics for financial and economic decisions, he has more than 12 years of experience possessing specific skills in finance and trading. Working in Paris, New York and London, Florian has first-hand knowledge in the main financial capitals of the world.

Outside of work, Florian is passionate about wine and holds the highest title from Wine and Spirit Education Trust and also enjoys running, having completed 8 marathons.

Working at DeriveXperts

“I have grown in the company since I joined over 4 years ago. I have been given more responsibilities over time and it is such a great feeling to see my day-to-day work contribute to DeriveXperts’ success.

I have colleagues who share my passion for running and get to participate to sports events together.”

Nathalie Silavong,

Mercure Client Relationship Manager

“I’ve been working at DeriveXperts for over three years and what I mostly like is that the business is constantly emerging, while my work and experience contribute to its development. Working here helps me to further develop my skills in a hands-on role and very importantly allows me to have a satisfying work/life balance.”

Anca Rosca,

Marketing and Communications Manager

“After almost nine years working at DeriveXperts, I am very proud to be part of such a talented and motivated team and it is still very exciting to take-up new business opportunities together.”

Antoine Geraud,

Market Data Manager

“As a graduate, DeriveXperts gave me the opportunity to work in a professional, vibrant, and young environment.

From the very first day, I was a full member of DeriveXperts and thanks to an experienced and friendly team, I rapidly gained hands-on knowledge.”

Jerome Pascual,

Mercure Client Relationship Associate

“I have joined DeriveXperts as an intern and the dynamic working environment and the welcoming team, gave me the chance to interact and learn with interesting and qualified people.  It is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and get the training that offers the chance to grow professionally and personally.”

Makka Dzhabrailova,

Sales and Client Relations Associate

“Working at DeriveXperts really makes me feel as part of an integrated team, while my work is appreciated and valued. New ideas are encouraged and we are given the support needed to implement them.”

Mathieu Albertini,

IT Security Manager

“I’m working in DeriveXperts for one year now and I have been quickly and warmly integrated by the team. All team members pay really close attention to the training of each newcomer, leading to a progressive independence, both on derivatives, structured products and computer skills. Working at DeriveXperts is a very enriching experience, as it lets me manage a various number of tasks, in a professional and motivating framework.”

Laura Cybulski,

Junior Pricing Engineer

“Cooperating with true experts and top tier clients is what makes DeriveXperts a great place to work for.
Being part of a dynamic and results driven business offers a great opportunity to develop a career and achieve my potential.”

Apostolos Zaoudis,

Python Developer